Phenom Vanilla White

Phenom Vanilla White

Brand:Kali Protectives
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The Phenom™ helmet is a new reference in road racing helmets. Featuring COMPOSITE FUSION™ PLUS technology, this helmet’s foam combines the benefits of COMPOSITE FUSION™ (EPS foam molded directly into the rigid helmet shell, eliminating gaps between shell and EPS) with a layer of pyramidal EPS cones within the cross-section of the EPS liner. Additionally, the PHENOM™ helmet utilizes SUPERVENT™ technology to allow for maximum vent integrity as well as ventilation. During an impact, the innovative SUPERVENT™ system spreads energy more efficiently than conventional harder internal foam reinforcements PHENOM™ also includes BUMPERFIT™ pads are viscoelastic or “memory” foam that provides maximum comfort and fit while adding energy management properties during an impact.

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Product Features

  • COMPOSITE FUSION™ PLUS technology featuring geometric shapes of softer EPS foam next to your head, right where you want them.
  • Introduction of SUPERVENT™ technology providing reinforced super-structure to critical airflow vents
  • BUMPER FIT™ SYSTEM assures a secure fit with special pads designed of an absorbent cross-linked polymer material
  • Micro Fit system allows a simple and efficient fit adjustment
  • Included Aero/Winter cover
  • Included Winter/Bug liner
  • Safety compliance: EN 1078, CPSC   

Wave Black/Green   Vanilla White   Orbit Black/Yellow

Sizes S/M – 54-58cm    M/L 58-64cms

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