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Under the Hood  - Cutting-Edge Safety

The truth is, helmet safety standards are pretty low. So we made our own. Then we exceeded them.

By merging a helmet’s shell and foam, we avoid the double impact spike incurred by all other helmets (red curve on graph below).

Then we beef up the foam to absorb more G-Forces (yellow curve on graph below).

Finally we keep the weight of our helmets to a minimum: Remember Force = Mass * Acceleration (F = M*A). You take care of the A, we’ll handle the M.

If you want to just check the helmet box, go with the other guys. If you want top performance and safety, go with Kali.

Traditional Construction

Here’s a cutaway of a normal helmet, see the gap between the shell and the inner foam?

That’s what creates the double impact curve seen on the graph above.

Composite Fusion

This is Kali’s simplest in-molding design. Notice the gap has disappeared.

Also, the shell is much thinner, allowing the impact to get straight to the energy-absorbing foam. With shells, less-is-more.

Composite Fusion Plus

Now let’s talk foam. Above you can see two foams working together, gray and white.

Those gray triangles are actually cone shapes that help dissipate energy.


A Literal Rocket Scientist

Your head is in good hands. Owner Brad Waldron started out in aerospace R&D before pursuing his passions for riding and material science at the consumer level.

For Brad there’s no point waking up in the morning if he’s not building the safest, smartest products possible. He knows materials, physics, and manufacturing so that you don’t have to.

Brad also frequently visits the Kali factory to personally oversee every new design. He just doesn’t have the stomach that other companies do for errors and imperfections introduced at the manufacturing level.

It’s this commitment to quality that makes Kali a better helmet.


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Our mission at Kali Protectives is to use the most advanced technology available to provide riders with the best protective gear possible. 

From mundane to insane, we want to protect you in a crash so that you are ready for the next ride. 

Brad Waldron Kali Protectives Owner, Lead Engineer, Rider